Apr. 23rd, 2014

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Hello everyone,

I’m embarking on a fundraising challenge, raising money for Raleigh International. They work with young people from around the world, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and give them the opportunity to work on sustainable development projects overseas.

Raleigh projects provide safe water, sanitation and education for remote communities in developing countries, as well as alleviating human-animal conflict and protecting threatened species. At the same time, they equip their young volunteers with knowledge of global issues, teamwork skills and self confidence.

Having volunteered with Raleigh in India, I’ve seen the transformation of communities and individuals which their projects achieve, and know that money raised goes a long way.

As a first step, I’ve set myself the challenge of living on $1 a day (for food and drink) throughout the month of May, in recognition of the poverty and hunger Raleigh works to alleviate. It’s going to test my maths and cooking skills (as well as my willpower) and seems a fitting way to generate support and donations. I’ll be writing about, drawing and photographing my progress, weird new recipes and inevitable chocolate cravings online, so you can keep an eye on how it’s going (and check I’m sticking to the rules). Visit http://bfgraleigh.wordpress.com/ to follow my progress.

The funds raised will go towards running Raleigh’s sustainable development projects, training their volunteers and providing support for their overseas expeditions. It will also go towards my fundraising target to allow me the chance to volunteer with Raleigh in Tanzania.

I know it’s a lot to ask but, if you can spare a few pounds to sponsor me, it will be very much appreciated.

You can donate securely online here: http://www.justgiving.com/BethFGrainger

If you’d rather donate on your mobile, please text:


Followed by the amount: £3, £5 or £10

To: 70070

Thank you in advance for your support.



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