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One of my characters is going to insult another in a different way each time. This list is useful :)

POLITICSTimothy McGrath on Sep 18, 2014 @ 7:23 PM
A glossary of Scottish insults

Follow the latest developments in the Scottish referendum on GlobalPost's live blog.
The people of Scotland — well, 55 percent of them — have voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom.
The majority are relieved not to have gained independence from Britain, a decision that would have ended a 307-year marriage. But don't forget the 45 percent who voted for it — and the 85 percent voter turnout — in a place where even 16-year-olds got to cast ballots.
The country is still split and passions are high. When passions are high, people tend to start insulting each other, and Scots have some amazing insults at their disposal.
So here are some of the words and phrases that might help you understand what everyone's saying.
Spoiler: there are a lot of words for "idiot" and "dirty."
Awa' n bile your head (Away and boil your head): Get lost
Bampot: Idiot
Bassa: Bastard
Baw: Testicle; the root of many general insults including "bawjaws," "bawbag," and "bawface"
Clipe: tattle-tale, snitch; as in , "Don't be a wee clipe"
Doaty: Stupid
Dobber: Idiot, jerk
Erse like a bag o' washin (Ass like a bag of laundry): A negative assessment of a woman's attractiveness
Face like a skelped erse (Face like a slapped ass): Describes a person's face that's red with rage or blushing
Hackit: Ugly
Howlin: Smelly
I wouldnae ride her in tae battle (I wouldn't ride her into battle): An negative assesment of a woman's attractiveness
Jakey: Alcoholic, or
Jessie: An epheminate man
Jobby: Feces, also used to refer to something as trash or junk
Lavvy heid: Toilet head
Mince: Rubbish, as in, "You're talking mince"
Numpty: Idiot
Nyaff: Irrirating person
Roaster: Idiot
Rocket: Idiot
Scabby: Dirty
Scrote: Scrotum, literally, but a general insult
Shut ye geggie: Shut up, shut your mouth
Tube: Idiot
Yer aff yer heid: You're crazy
Yer bum's oot the windae (You're bum is out the window): You're talking nonsense, not making sense
Yer maw's git balls n yer da' loves it (Your mother has testicles and your father loves it): And example of a genre of insult involving accustations against a person's "maw" or "da"
Walloper: Idiot

Parliamo Scots?
- Insults

Here are a surprisingly large number of insults about people's faces!

A face like the back o' a bus.
A face like the back o' the lum (chimney).
A face like a bashed thripny (an "old" money threepence coin was 12-sided).
A face like a burst settee (couch).
A face like a burst melodeon (a kind of accordion).
A face like a flittin (a house removal).
A face like a bag o' bruised fruit.
A face like a hen layin razors.
A face like a saft tattie (soft potato).
A face like a skittery hippen (a soiled nappy/diaper).
A face like a torn scone.
A face like a wet washing.
A face like a weel-kickit ba (a well kicked ball).
A face like a wet nicht lookin' for a dry mornin'.
A face like a skelpit erse (a smacked bottom).
Scottish National Heritage suggested that we should to stop using "bog" in a derogatory sense as in the countryside these wetlands are an important part of the environment. So here are some alternative, derogatory words (and avoiding "bog-stalker") to describe an idle person!

"Aff pitten" - evasive.
"Clarty" or "dilly-daw" or "draigled" all mean a dirty or untidy person. "Mrs McClarty" is a slovenly housewife.
"Glaikit" - stupid, silly or thoughtless. It is thought to derive from an old Scots word "glaiks" which meant tricks or deception.
"Haiver" or "Haver" - dawdle and potter about. "Dinna haiver man" is said to someone who is talking rubbish (in the view of the listener, at least). "Don't give me your havers" is an alternative way of expressing this.
"Hither and yon" - untidy and careless.
"Horn idle" - nothing to do and completely unemployed.
"Midden" - dirty and slovenly. The same word is used for the communal refuse storage area, prior to collection (by the "scaffie").
Some words of aggression

"Bampot" - an idiot.
"Bauchle" - a worthless person.
"A Bessie" - an ill-mannered or bad-tempered female (apologies to all you Elizabeths!).
"Carnaptious" - irritable or quarrelsome as in "He was right carnaptious old devil!". The word comes from "knap" meaning to bite.
"Clype" - a tell-tale.
"Cuddie" - a donkey
"Fecht wi' ones' ain taes" - excessively quarrelsome and a variation on "He would fight with his own shadow"
"Gomeril" - a fool.
"Nippit" - bad tempered
"Play the loun" - act mischieviously. "Loun" (pronounced 'loon') is the word for a boy in north-east Scotland.
"Puddock" - a term of abuse or contempt as in "The Scotland football team were a load of puddocks". A puddock is a frog.
"Ramgunshoch" - a word for rude and boorish found in south-east Scotland.
"Sair on" - treat harshly as in "Dinna be sair on the lad, he was trying his best."
"Targe" - a domineering person, usually a woman!

bampot: idiot
bamstick: idiot
bassa: bastard
bauchle: worthless person
bawface: fat face
bawheid: bald headed person
bawjaws: fat face
boggin: foul-smelling
bowfin: smelly
cakey: daft
clag-tail: unwiped arse
clapped-in: thin looking face
clatty: dirty
crater-face: acne sufferer
cuddie: donkey
diddy: breast
doaty: stupid
dobber: idiot
doolie: idiot
doowally: idiot
dreep: feeble person
dreich: miserable
eat-the-breid: fat
eejit: idiot
feartie: coward
fud: fanny
ginky: smelly
glaikit: useless
gomeril: fool
gommy: idiot
growler: ugly
hackit: ugly
heidbanger: crazy
heid-the-baw: daft
hing-oot: disheveled looking
honkin: smelly
howlin: smelly
howpin: smelly
hum-a-ding-dong: very smelly
jakey: a ‘down and out’
jessie: effeminate man or boy
keech: excrement
lavvy-heid: toilet head
maddy: crazy
midden: dirty
midgie-raker: bin raider
mince: rubbish
minger: a smelly or ugly person
mockit: dirty
numpty: idiot
nyaff: a useless person
nyuck: a useless person
oof-lookin: stupid looking
pap: fool
pish: rubbish
plookie: pimple faced
puggled: daft
queerie: odd
roaster: idiot
rocket: idiot
scabby: dirty
scadge: tramp
scaffbag: dirty
scrote: scrotum
scunner: pest
shaan: no good
shaan gadgie: dishonest
skelly: cross-eyed
soapdogger: unclean
stank dodger: skinny person
sumph: idiot
teuchter: A Highlander
toley: excrement
tosser: loser
tossbag: loser
tube: stupid
tumshie: idiot
twally: idiot
walloper: idiot
wally: stupid


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