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Job title: Head of Product Management

Reports to: Chief Commercial Officer

Responsible for: Management of the Product Management team [currently 3 heads]

Overall purpose:

Lead the entire product management lifecycle within OPP; managing cross department resources to deliver new initiatives and products, whilst ensuring optimum levels of support for the business across the lifecycles of the entire OPP Group portfolio of offerings, including those distributed under license as well as wholly owned intellectual property


An excellent opportunity for a skilled, visionary product management practitioner to provide a mixture of senior level leadership/inspiration and hands on contribution to a very busy team focused on the product development lifecycle including product strategy, market research, competitor analysis, design filtering and prioritisation, ROI construction and monitoring, product development, message and proposition construction, product launch, post launch analysis, and pricing strategy for a portfolio of offerings including public and customised training, psychometric instruments and associated reports, supporting publications and training aids.

Principal accountabilities:

1. Development and delivery of a market-leading product strategy to meet OPP Group goals, through a 12-18 month product roadmap

2. Delivery to this product roadmap through a highly resource efficient and timely programme and project management

3. Commissioning of ideas through efficient working relationships forged with supplier publishers, internal and external authors, and R&D content developers, identifying potential of new concepts in order to create new products and offerings that contribute materially to OPP Group product strategy and revenues.

4. Management of key relationships with supplier publishers to ensure the timely and efficient proposal and delivery of new products and product enhancements to match the needs of OPP’s customers.

5. Rigorous attention to the development of the team’s expertise not only in OPP’s full product portfolio, but also all key competitors and substitutes, so as to be a resource for the rest of the business in this regard, as well as to identify challenges and opportunities to improve OPP’s product offer.

Carry out other such duties as may reasonably be required, commensurate with the grade of this post.

This job profile is current as at the date shown below. In consultation with the post holder it is liable to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job.


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