Apr. 1st, 2014

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I got this for Mothers' Day.

It is awesome! I cried through a lot of it.

It does occur that a good weegie like myself shouldn't get so teary-eyed over the Edinburgh skyline... but yeah, it is a beautiful city. Also being several hundred miles from either of them might make me more prone to a stab of homesickness!

It has been described as "'Mamma Mia' with the Proclaimers not Abba." Rubbish. That's a vary lazy and innaccurate review.

Don't get me wrong - I liked "Mamma Mia". I like Abba, enjoyed the film, good funny story... but the story was mostly fluff, a nice rom-com/comedy of errors.

Sunshine on Leith... it's got really strong stories, definitely enjoyable and funny, with love stories at its heart... but it's a lot meatier, and I could be wrong, but I don't think Mamma Mia involved the emotional aftermath of being an amputee :-) (Which was s sub-plot, but an important one.)

It's definitely worth watching!
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It's amazing how quickly you can get blasé about trips to A&E.

Thomas was bouncing on trampoline at Palmer Park when he landed awkwardly, and his leg bent under him. He started crying, and then couldn't walk on it - he'd take a step or two, then it would buckle under his weight and he'd fall.

So we headed to A&E.

Called Ian from town on way, then got in a taxi. We were seen for initial assessment pretty quickly - the problem I had was that as long as he wasn't walking, it didn't bother him, so he got very frustrated at my keeping him on my lap or on a chair - he forgot very quickly that it was sore and he fell last time he did that!

They gave him some paracetamol, and we waited to be seen again.

Then Ian arrived, which meant I could go for a pee! We got called in just after that... by which point, when asked "let's see how he's walking" ... he gave a slight limp on the 2nd step and then ran about fine.

So he's fine - they think possibly a slight sprain or twist, give him calpol if ness. Last night, he was bouncing around happy again.

Other than that, Mothers' Day was great! And yes, he will be allowed on the trampoline again next week :-)


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