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OK - I'm starting to use this more - not just as a blog, but where to put my writing. This is in no small part inspired by writing about writing's plans to let people share their work - and I need a link to it!

But it is also very nice to be able to put work here and be able to find it again easily. Tags are awesome.
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I tried to warn them!
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Someone please tell me that exit polls aren't really that accurate, right?
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We're recruiting for a senior developer at mine - give me a shout if interested. It's at OPP in Oxford (www.opp.com) and I love it here!
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I completely agree with Leonard's mum in TBBT when Penny said that she must be proud (of her kids) "Why? They're not my acheivements!"

But still proud of the Scottish Parliament and the leaders of all the major parties there. (OK, happy and generally approving of the leaders of all the major Scottish parties. You all rock.)
So I don't always agree with you, but, when it comes to things that matter -

You stick together against the bigots.

A few recent examples:

Together against sexism.

11/3/2015. A photoshopped image of Nicola Sturgeon (SNP First Minister) in a tartan bikini on a Miley Cyrus-type wrecking ball appeared in one of the more unsavoury newspapers.

Her two main opponents in the parliament are Ruth Davidson, the Conservative leader, and Kezia Dugdale, Labour deputy leader (and leader inside parliament as Jim Murphy doesn't have a seat).

Ruth Davidson tweeted: “Seriously? In 2015? This is where we are with women in politics? #EverydaySexism”

Kezia Dugdale tweeted: “Just seen the Sun coverage of @NicolaSturgeon – just like every other attack based on her gender, it’s utterly unacceptable.”

Together against racism.

On/around 14/3/2015, UKIP MEP David Coburn said, of the SNP Europe & International development Minister, "Humza Yousaf, or as I call him, Abu Hamza".

Ruth Davidson: "Totally unacceptable. Our country is better than this. And he's got form. Mindless idiot."
Kezia Dugdale tweeted "David Coburn MEP is a racist in a pin stripe suit and Nigel Farage needs to sack him - @Daily_Record http://dlyr.ec/zQYgVk" and also wrote a column condemning it http://www.scottishlabour.org.uk/blog/entry/UKIP-must-show-they-are-not-BNP-in-pinstripe-suits (it also appeared in the Daily Record, one of main tabloids).

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy said: "This isn't the first time that Mr Coburn has been caught out for having vile views. People across Scotland, including even those who voted for him, will now want to see the back of him."

Patrick Harvie, co-convenor of Greens (and I believe their leader in Parliament) wrote column about it (and second cross-party issue, which will mention in a bit!) http://www.patrickharviemsp.com/2015/03/evening-times-column-politicians-should-join-together-to-stop-sexist-racist-homophobic-comments/

Willie Rennie, leader of Lib-Dems: "Astonishing comments from David Coburn MEP about Humza Yousaf. He's an offensive fool. I am embarrassed that he represents us in Europe."

Together against homophobia.

Ruth Davidson was subjected to homophobic abuse by an SNP member on twitter.

SNP response (quite a lot as it was one of their members): in First Minister's Questions, Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to take the opportunity to "condemn unreservedly the vile homophobic abuse that was being directed at Ruth Davidson on Twitter last night and this morning".

She told MSPs: "The individual in question in that case has been identified and this morning suspended from membership of the SNP pending full disciplinary processes."

She had previously tweeted "Homophobic abuse of @RuthDavidsonMSP or anyone else is unacceptable. End of. Anyone engaging in it is no friend of my party"

Humza Yousaf: "Utterly disgraceful. Will investigate if member. Personally will push for expulsion. Zero-tolerance homophobia."

Aamer Anwar (SNP member - not politician but known human rights lawyer) "@RuthDavidsonMSP that was a vile attack on U, homophobia, sectarianism, racism, no difference- U shld never have 2 put up with it"

Jim Hume (Lib Dems) "Good on @RuthDavidsonMSP for calling out dreadful homophobic bullying #ZeroTolerance #Mindless #Idiots #NotOk"

Other stuff...

On a purely political issue - on an issue of fairness - all 4 of the other parties (SNP, Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dems) joined forces to call for the Green party to be included in the televised debates.

And finally - they do seem to be able to have a bit of fun together...
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You know a personal irritation about the referendum debate? It's encouraging me to post on FB instead of my natural habitat here on LJ...
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So we got the induction today about performance reviews. They spoke about personal development, courses, training, etc... and then said that it was important that you continued to develop, and the company will support that - and if that means you outgrow your role and find that the best way to continue your personal development is outside the company, that's fine too!

They are willing to pay for training that might end with your leaving.

I think I'm never leaving here ;-)


Jun. 16th, 2014 01:02 pm
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Got extension agreed for my supporter assignments :-)

*Happy dance*
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From [livejournal.com profile] randomchris


"Concert at St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, on Friday 20th June at 8pm - and it will feature "O Praise The Lord Ye Angels Of His" which the choir commissioned from me last year! This is for the launch of their new CD "O Clap Your Hands", music from 1914-2014. Tickets are £10 - let me know if you'd like me to keep one for you."
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We're launching Career Clover today - I helped test it!
If anyone wants a friends or family discount, give me a shout - first report is free.

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Job title: Head of Product Management

Reports to: Chief Commercial Officer

Responsible for: Management of the Product Management team [currently 3 heads]

Overall purpose:

Lead the entire product management lifecycle within OPP; managing cross department resources to deliver new initiatives and products, whilst ensuring optimum levels of support for the business across the lifecycles of the entire OPP Group portfolio of offerings, including those distributed under license as well as wholly owned intellectual property


An excellent opportunity for a skilled, visionary product management practitioner to provide a mixture of senior level leadership/inspiration and hands on contribution to a very busy team focused on the product development lifecycle including product strategy, market research, competitor analysis, design filtering and prioritisation, ROI construction and monitoring, product development, message and proposition construction, product launch, post launch analysis, and pricing strategy for a portfolio of offerings including public and customised training, psychometric instruments and associated reports, supporting publications and training aids.

Principal accountabilities:

1. Development and delivery of a market-leading product strategy to meet OPP Group goals, through a 12-18 month product roadmap

2. Delivery to this product roadmap through a highly resource efficient and timely programme and project management

3. Commissioning of ideas through efficient working relationships forged with supplier publishers, internal and external authors, and R&D content developers, identifying potential of new concepts in order to create new products and offerings that contribute materially to OPP Group product strategy and revenues.

4. Management of key relationships with supplier publishers to ensure the timely and efficient proposal and delivery of new products and product enhancements to match the needs of OPP’s customers.

5. Rigorous attention to the development of the team’s expertise not only in OPP’s full product portfolio, but also all key competitors and substitutes, so as to be a resource for the rest of the business in this regard, as well as to identify challenges and opportunities to improve OPP’s product offer.

Carry out other such duties as may reasonably be required, commensurate with the grade of this post.

This job profile is current as at the date shown below. In consultation with the post holder it is liable to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job.
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I'm actually thinking I'm going to finish writing something!

Doing a couple of short stories at the moment - "The wall" which is about an alien race's first FTL experimental voyage, which runs into difficulties when it interacts with one of our experiments, and one I did a few years back and lost which I'm rewriting - not SF, mundane courtroom drama.

Book has problem that I can't get the motivation right. I was trying to set up a conflict between main married (m-f) characters that would have the readers sympathising with both sides of the argument, and seeing both of the pair as acting more or less equally reasonably/unreasonably... but every time I try to tell my dad about it, he is of the opinion that wife is being completely bonkers and of course she's wrong - how could anyone even think otherwise? (She wants to go into cryostasis and he doesn't, mainly because his faith says it's wrong.)

So I'm either going to write other bits of it, or write the shorts at the moment, just so I get into the habit of writing.

And get into the habit of not spodding on LJ... oh, right... um... never mind, eh?
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